Monarch’s Laurel Fuqua Authors Article, “Taking flight: Adopting technology to improve inpatient glycemic management”

In a new Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review article, “Taking flight: Adopting technology to improve inpatient glycemic management,” Monarch’s EVP and Chief Clinical Officer, Laurel Fuqua, compares the airlines industry to healthcare when it comes to safety. The safety of flying dramatically improved over the past 50 years because of the introduction of new technology and protocols. In comparison, hospital medical errors continue to remain one of the leading causes of death in the United States.

While healthcare has certainly benefited from the introduction of technology and new methods, adoption of such advancements doesn’t happen nearly as quickly as it should, and how we dose insulin in the inpatient setting is a prime example. In the article, Laurel describes the need to take advantage of a more advanced approach to insulin dosing utilizing an electronic glucose management system.

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Monarch Medical Technologies Announces Self-Service Analytics, An Expansion of the EndoTool® Analytics Offering

Self-Service Analytics Expands on Current EndoTool Analytics Offering Allowing Clients to Utilize Existing Business Intelligence Tools for Advanced Data Mining

Monarch Medical Technologies, the leader in precision insulin dosing for optimized inpatient glucose management, today announced the launch of Self-Service Analytics, an extension of EndoTool Analytics. The new Self-Service Analytics module enables hospitals using EndoTool IV for patients on IV insulin and/or EndoTool SubQ for patients requiring insulin via injections to further mine patient data and identify larger trends in their clinical outcomes and processes using their existing analytics tools and infrastructure.

EndoTool Self-Service Analytics allows users to generate standard reports from a pre-built data warehouse using business intelligence tools, such as Tableau and MicroStrategy, or direct query. The EndoTool data warehouse will pre-aggregate data for key metrics allowing clients to build reports that provide a holistic view of patient and clinician performance using EndoTool across the organization.

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Monarch Medical Technologies Hosts Webinar on Adoption of Inpatient Basal/ Bolus/ Correction Subcutaneous Insulin Therapy

Presenters Dr. Thomas Garthwaite, VP of Diabetes Care at HCA, and Laurel Fuqua, EVP and CCO at Monarch, Focus on Strategies in Optimizing Glycemic Management

Charlotte, N.C., January 30, 2018 –Monarch Medical Technologies, the leader in precision insulin dosing for optimized inpatient glucose management, today announced that the company will host a complimentary webinar, “Beyond Sliding Scale: Closing the Gap Between Current and Optimal Glycemic Management Practices” on February 13, from 1-2 p.m. EST.
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Monarch Featured in DiabetesMine blog, “Convincing Hospitals That Glucose Management Matters”

In a new DiabetesMine blog post, “Convincing Hospitals That Glucose Management Matters,” author Dan Fleshler questions why some hospitals are still using “old-fashioned, time-consuming, error-prone approach to regulating blood glucose.” The blog, which features Monarch Medical Technologies, addresses one of the biggest challenges in the industry, convincing hospital administration and providers that glucose management needs to become a priority.

The blog, which begins, “patients’ blood glucose (BG) levels in many American hospitals run dangerously high, but hospitals aren’t doing nearly enough to address the problem,” highlights the dangers of unsafe blood glucose management and lack of adoption of new technology and protocols to advance diabetes care. According to the article, between 70% and 80% of patients with diabetes experience hyperglycemia when hospitalized for critical illnesses or have cardiac surgery, and roughly 30% of all patients receiving care in hospitals experience high blood sugars (>180 mg/dL). Yet, only about 10% of American hospitals are using e-glycemic management solutions to determine patient’s insulin doses. As the author notes, “hospital diabetes management has the potential for a seismic shift — if they choose to adopt these newer innovations.”

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Monarch Medical Technologies Assembles Glucose Management Innovators and Thought Leaders at 2017 EndoTool® User Group Meeting

EndoTool User Community Gathers in Charlotte to Share Best Practices, Innovations and Industry Trends for Optimizing Glycemic Control of In-Hospital Patients

Charlotte, N.C., October 16, 2017 – Monarch Medical Technologies, the leader in electronic glycemic management systems (eGMS) for in-hospital patients, today announced that they will be hosting the first annual EndoTool User Group Meeting on October 19th at the Hotel Le Méridien in Charlotte. The event is an opportunity for users of the innovative EndoTool platform to share best practices and lessons learned from using EndoTool across hospital units and patient populations and learn from the experiences of others on how to optimize glycemic control.

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Monarch Medical Technologies Announces Laurel Fuqua as Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer

Monarch Medical Technologies, the leader in electronic glycemic management systems (eGMS) for in-hospital patients, today announced that Laurel Fuqua, RN, MSN is joining the Monarch leadership team, as Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer. In this role, Fuqua will lead the overall clinical vision at Monarch Medical Technologies, providing input into product strategy and working closely with customers looking to improve patient safety and outcomes through the adoption and optimization of the EndoTool® platform.

Fuqua joins Monarch with more than 30 years of experience in healthcare management and product development. She has held executive-level positions across a wide range of healthcare settings including, hospitals, health plans, care management, and diabetes technology firms.

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Monarch Medical Technologies Announces New Chief Executive Officer

Monarch Medical Technologies, the market-leading clinical decision support software committed to the safest insulin dosing, today announced that Linda Beneze has joined the company as its new chief executive officer. Formerly the Chief Executive Officer at Medical Technology Products, Beneze has extensive experience building and leading global high-performance teams with expertise in medical device, clinical trial software, bioinformatics, and data management.

“After an extensive selection process, we are delighted to have Linda Beneze lead the company in an evolving and expanding market of inpatient glycemic control. Linda brings a wealth of experience in improving outcomes and enhancing patient and provider safety, alongside her unique blend of leadership experience,” said Christophe Mallard, managing member of private investment firm Eigen Capital Holdings LLC which controls Monarch Medical Technologies. “Linda shares our commitment to patient safety, passion for improving hospital outcomes, and excitement for our future. We look forward to strong continued growth under her leadership.” read more…

How Better Care is Cheaper Care

Better Care can be Cheaper Care | EndoTool Glucose Management SystemOne of the most perplexing concerns with which every hospital executive must grapple is how to stop the loss of money wasted on surgery and other clinical procedures. A recent report published in the Journal of Neurosurgery conducted by the University of California in San Francisco suggested several areas where supplies, and therefore money, were wasted.

The report looked at 58 neurosurgeries performed by 14 different surgeons at UCSF Medical Center. Across the 36 cranial and 22 spinal procedures, the average cost of unused supplies was $653. This represented 13.1 percent of the total cost of surgical supplies. This results in $242,968 per month and $2.9 million per year of wasted resources.

Medical Supplies vs. Personnel Costs

While the amount of hospital resources wasted on medical supplies is relatively easy to calculate, the more insidious expenses – clinical personnel costs – are more difficult to quantify. However, when a Roanoke, Virginia hospital set out to improve patient outcomes by standardizing insulin dosing protocols, the facility discovered substantial savings by mechanizing this process. read more…

How the Treatment of Diabetic Ketoacidosis Has Improved

Nurse adjusting IV drip | EndoTool Glucose Management System

For patients with type 1 diabetes, one of the most serious medical emergencies is diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). It can be life-threatening and, in most cases, is caused by a shortage of insulin.

Glucose is the “fuel” which feeds human cells. Without it, these cells are forced to “burn” fatty acids in order to survive. This process leads to the production of acidic ketone bodies which can cause serious symptoms and complications such as passing out, confusion, vomiting, dehydration, coma, and, if not corrected in a timely manner, even death. High levels of ketones poison the body. read more…

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