Monarch Announces Groundbreaking EREI Technology

This past Wednesday, the team at Monarch Medical Technologies announced ground-breaking EREI technology for any hospital scenario where intravenous insulin is administered. Dr. Patrick Burgess, founder and inventor of EndoTool, described the technology as having the potential to nearly eliminate severe hypoglycemia while removing the risk of human oversight.

EREI refers to “estimated residual extracellular insulin” present in a patient’s body during intravenous insulin therapy — that has potential for future activity affecting blood glucose levels.

When a patient receives intravenous insulin in a hospital, they require a personalized dose based on the body’s response. A patient’s response to insulin is dependent on kidney function, current medical treatment, carbohydrates consumed (or not consumed), stress level, and amount of residual insulin present in their body. However, the calculations for an optimal insulin dose which account for all of this is too complex to perform manually.

With EREI enabled, the EndoTool IV software predicts and adjusts a patient’s subsequent insulin dose recommendation and if the patient has more residual insulin than can be supported by circulating glucose, the software further adapts dosing recommendations.

To sum it up in one sentence: EndoTool IV provides confidence for the caregiver by achieving correct insulin dosing, maintaining glucose control, and avoiding hypoglycemia.