Driven by a Mission to Improve Patient Outcomes Through Effective Glycemic Management

As the leader in eGlycemic management, we’re asked what makes Monarch and the EndoTool Glucose Management System different.

What differentiates EndoTool is our unique physiological approach to insulin dosing, exceptional clinical outcomes and our straightforward solution that works seamlessly with your IT infrastructure.

But, what truly separates Monarch is our purpose and our people.

EndoTool glucose management patient and doctor

Our Purpose

We are committed to protecting lives by safely and accurately managing high-risk medications

We strive to develop solutions and improve inpatient care by managing high-risk medications to safely bring patients to a stable, controlled state.

Glycemic control, for instance, is highly variable and poorly executed in the hospital setting:  insulin dosing protocols are overly simplified while failing to foster compliance or acceptable outcomes.

People with diabetes visiting a hospital should expect more!  By adopting our technology, results such as near zero hypoglycemia, better outcomes, shorter hospital stays and decreased adverse events become the new standard

Our People

At Monarch, we have a team of diabetes experts that partner with you to achieve industry guided best practices.  Every Monarch employee, from our clinicians and technical engineers to our support team, genuinely cares about patient safety and is dedicated to making an impact. We listen, we act quickly, and we are there for our clients when they need support. We are a committed partner in safely improving inpatient glycemic management.

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