Driven by a Mission to Improve Patient Outcomes Through Effective Glycemic Management

As the leader in eGlycemic management, we’re asked what makes Monarch and the EndoTool Glucose Management System different.

What differentiates EndoTool is our unique physiological approach to insulin dosing, exceptional clinical outcomes and our straightforward solution that works seamlessly with your IT infrastructure.

But, what truly separates Monarch is our purpose and our people.

EndoTool glucose management patient and doctor

Our Purpose

Monarch was founded by clinicians with a vision of improving hospital-based glucose management, and today, that purpose remains unchanged.

In 2003, EndoTool Founder & Inventor, Dr. Patrick Burgess, was asked to assist with a project to reduce sternal infections for patients in cardiac intensive care. Like many providers, he originally started with a paper protocol. However, drawing from his background in engineering, he realized that by applying controlled mathematics, they could get a much more precise insulin dose and achieve better patient outcomes. This approach required a computerized system, which led to the invention of EndoTool.

From the very beginning, Dr. Burgess’s goal was to safely control elevated glucoses in all settings and reduce the threat of hypoglycemia. The company’s commitment to this goal has remained steadfast. Monarch is constantly enhancing our solutions and services, as we aim to continue to advance inpatient glycemic management, and ultimately help providers achieve the coveted triple aim: better health, better care, at a lower cost.

Our People

The only way to advance inpatient diabetes care is to be a true partner to the healthcare organizations and clinicians delivering care.

At Monarch, we have a team of diabetes experts that you want to work with. Every Monarch employee, from our clinicians and technical engineers to our support team, genuinely cares about patient safety and is dedicated to making an impact. We listen, we act quickly, and we are there for our clients when they need support. We are a committed partner in safely improving inpatient glycemic management.

Monarch by the Numbers


More than 16 Years of Experience


More than 300 Contracted Facilities


4 FDA 510(K) Clearances


1 Patent

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