Personalized Intravenous Insulin Therapy to Achieve the Safest Patient Outcomes

For patients in the critical care setting, intravenous insulin is the recommended method of achieving target glucose levels. The problem is, intravenous insulin protocols can be difficult to follow and time consuming for nursing staff, especially if paper-based. To avoid errors and ensure patients receive the safest insulin dose requires a systematic approach.

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EndoTool IV

Improves Compliance and Reduces Risks Surrounding Insulin Dosing

EndoTool IV offers a straightforward software solution providing personalized dose recommendations when intravenous insulin is needed to manage hyperglycemia.

Hospitals using EndoTool IV have demonstrated better patient outcomes, including:


hypoglycemia <40 mg/dL1


ICU LOS reduction2


hyperglycemia reduction3


hypoglycemia reduction4

4.8 hrs

time to control1


higher nursing satisfaction5


adherence to protocol6


time to target reduction3


fewer BG checks3


HAI reduction7

An Advanced Algorithm Designed to Treat Each Patient Uniquely

Using a non-linear dosing model and machine-learning approach, EndoTool IV translates past data points into an individual physiological model for each patient.


Patient-Specific Dosing

Rather than using a fixed multiplier or linear protocol, EndoTool IV uses proprietary technology to model, predict and adapt each patient’s insulin therapy regimen. The initial dose recommendation is based on 11 patient-specific factors, including the presence of steroids, kidney function, diagnosis of diabetes and HbA1C.

Estimated Residual Extracellular Insulin

Estimated Residual Extracellular Insulin

Estimated residual extracellular insulin (EREI) refers to residual insulin present in a patient’s body from previous doses. To help prevent hypoglycemia, EndoTool IV contains an algorithm that automatically down-regulates an insulin dose, when applicable, to account for residual insulin circulating in the blood stream.

Designed to Treat All Hyperglycemia | EndoTool Glucose Management System

Designed to Treat All Ages and Diagnoses

EndoTool IV is FDA-cleared to treat adult and pediatric patients alike (age two and older, weighing at least 12 kg). The system provides personalized dosing recommendations based on each patient's specific diabetes diagnosis: type 1, type 2 diabetes, gestational, or non-diabetes with stress-induced hyperglycemia. EndoTool IV also provides optional EndoX modes of therapy to support patients with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic syndrome (HHS).

Meal Timing | EndoTool Glucose Management System

Meal-Time Dosing

EndoTool IV does not require tedious and time-consuming carbohydrate counting, and more importantly, it does not assume that carbohydrates have been consumed by a patient. Instead, EndoTool IV uses a patient’s actual response to carbohydrate or dextrose intake and the current blood glucose level to recommend next steps in treatment. A meal timer feature simplifies meal-time dosing by reminding the clinician to take a blood glucose reading after the specified meal time, so the software may continue to accurately model the patient’s treatment.

Seamless transition from intravenous insulin therapy to subcutaneous insulin therapy

Transition to Subcutaneous Insulin

Transitioning from intravenous to subcutaneous insulin therapy is seamless with the EndoTool Glucose Management System. With EndoTool IV, each hospital unit has full discretion over the criteria used to ensure a patient is stable and ready for transition. It also allows patient-specific transition orders from intravenous insulin to any defined protocols within the organization.

Aligned With Your Hospital’s Standards and Practices

  • EndoTool IV is flexible and customizable, with parameters that can be modified at the unit level to support preferred workflows, policies and protocols.
  • The system is capable of integration with your electronic medical record (EMR) system.
  • Your team is supported 24/7/365 by EndoTool IT and clinical experts.
  • Designated users can track performance and dive deeper with advanced analytics.
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