Shaping Tomorrow’s ICU: Glycemic Control Discussions at SCCM 2024

Dr Paul Chidester, MD, FACP | Chief Medical Officer

Are you going to the 2024 Critical Care Congress in Phoenix on January 21-23 presented by the Society of Critical Care Medicine?

One session you won’t want to miss is the SCCM Guidelines discussion which will have a focus on glycemic control in the critical care unit and guidelines for rapid sequence intubation and recognizing critical illness outside the ICU.

This session, taking place on Sunday, January 21 from 4:30 to 5:30 pm will be moderated by Dr Mary J Reed, MD FCCM and is titled “New SCCM Guidelines: Rapid Sequence Intubation, Recognizing Critical Illness Outside the ICU, and Glycemic Control for Children and Adults.”

For the focus on glycemic control, the discussion will be focused on the concept that glycemic control remains pertinent to patient management, but target ranges have not been well defined.

This presentation will highlight key topics in the 2024 Glycemic Control Guideline for Adults and Pediatrics and new PICO statements relative to the 2012 Insulin Infusion Guideline.

Important topics in the Guidelines will include:

  • glycemic targets for insulin titration and pertinent outcomes for adults and children,
  • preferred route of insulin administration,
  • glucose monitoring frequency, and
  • insulin protocol components.

Many unresolved issues remain a challenge for clinicians and suggested research topics regarding glycemic control will be discussed. Presenters for this discussion will include Kimi Honarmand MD from Mackenzie Health in Toronto Canada, Judith Jacobi PharmD from Indiana University Health and Eliotte Hirschberg MD from Utah Intermountain Medical Center.

The team at Monarch Medical Technologies, maker of Endotool Insulin Dosing Software is excited to learn more about these guidelines. Attending the conference will be our CEO, Charles Cornish.

As we learn more about these guidelines, we will be better able to assist clinicians in selecting the appropriate glycemic targets and methodologies to safely and effectively achieve them through the utilization of Endotool Dosing Software.

We have previously summarized the latest research on choosing the appropriate glycemic goal in a recent white paper ‘A Providers guide to Selecting Glucose Ranges for the Critically Ill’ and look forward to incorporating these recent guidelines from the Society of Critical Care Medicine into our dosing recommendations.

About the Author(s)
Dr Paul Chidester, MD, FACP | Chief Medical Officer

Paul D Chidester, MD, FACP is the Chief Medical Officer for Monarch Medical Technologies, maker of EndoTool. He previously practiced as a nephrologist in Southeastern Virginia before becoming the Vice President of Medical Affairs for Sentara Healthcare. During his leadership tenure at Sentara, he implemented a computerized insulin dosing application across this twelve-hospital system. He is passionate about improving the care of diabetes for hospitalized patients as well as overall harm prevention. His role as Chief Medical Officer involves product development, client engagement and quality improvement initiatives.