Precision Medicine for Inpatient Glucose Management

Determining the proper dose of insulin for each patient is complex, particularly in the hospital setting where requirements are often a moving target due to stress and other health factors.

Using paper-based, linear insulin protocols, you may be grappling with:

  • lack of compliance with the protocol
  • high rates of hyperglycemia
  • frequent episodes of hypoglycemia
  • extended time to reach target glucose levels
  • and ultimately, increased length of stay

You’re not alone. Achieving recommended blood glucose targets remains a challenge for many hospitals.

Glucose Management System patient and doctor
EndoTool Glucose Management System

The precision insulin dosing software, EndoTool Glucose Management System, makes complex protocols straightforward

With safe and personalized insulin dosing recommendations based on patient-specific physiological factors and response to treatment, EndoTool helps achieve and maintain glucose control throughout an inpatient stay.

"Nurses have a fear of hypoglycemia and the computerized insulin dosing software really mitigates that. We have found that our rates of hypoglycemia are minimal to none and so the nurses trust the program."
Keverne Lehman, MSN, RN-BC
Director of Nursing and Practice Development, Spectrum Health

Optimal Glucose Management for Every Unit, Every Patient

As an FDA-cleared clinical decision support platform, the nurse-driven EndoTool Glucose Management System is suited to all hospital units -- critical care, non-critical care and observation alike -- as well as emergency departments, and has multiple dosing modes to support both intravenous and subcutaneous insulin.

intravenous insulin dosing | EndoTool Glucose Management System

Intravenous Insulin Dosing

Providing clinical decision support for intravenous insulin dosing, EndoTool IV is designed to safely and effectively address hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia with dosing recommendations for all patient types, including the most difficult and complex cases. The software has specialized features designed to treat patients with impaired renal function, residual insulin, diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic syndrome (HHS), gestational diabetes, post-placenta delivery and induced hypothermia.

Subcutaneous Insulin | EndoTool Glucose Management System

Subcutaneous Insulin Dosing

Providing clinical decision support for subcutaneous insulin therapy, EndoTool SubQ recommends a personalized insulin therapy regimen to manage blood glucose with less variability. The software includes four dosing modes: basal-bolus plus correction, basal plus correction, bolus plus correction and correction only. It also includes specialized features to address carbohydrate-related events and protect against insulin stacking.

Scalable and Seamless Integration With Your Workflows and IT Infrastructure

Adoption of a software solution is enhanced when it aligns with your standards and IT infrastructure. The EndoTool Glucose Management System is:

  • capable of integration with all major electronic medical record (EMR) systems
  • configurable at the unit level, allowing you to tailor the user experience to your preferred workflows and standards
  • easily deployed within your hospital’s IT network, with minimal maintenance requirements
  • backed by 24/7/365 support from Monarch’s team of clinical and IT experts

Analytics to Measure Performance and Drive Improvement

To improve the safety and effectiveness of your inpatient glucose management program, you need to know how your organization is performing. With EndoTool Analytics, you have the ability to identify and analyze trends across the organization, track safety and clinical effectiveness, and enhance productivity.

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