The Patient Safety Movement Pledge to Improve Prevention of Severe Hypoglycemia: Part 4

Throughout this series, we have spent time explaining the Patient Safety Movement and the strategies and tactics for preventing severe hypoglycemia. In part 3, we outlined three plans — leadership, practice and technology — that require action in order to predict and prevent severe hypoglycemia episodes.

How is Monarch Medical Technologies dedicated to the safety of patients receiving treatment and to the safety of caregivers providing the treatment?

Our team has joined the Patient Safety Movement and the pledge “to make the physiological parameters displayed on our medical devices, subject to all applicable privacy laws, available to anyone or any entity that wants to use them to improve patient care and help reverse the tide of preventable patient deaths.”

Monarch’s technology is changing the conversation around glycemic control in more than 180 hospitals throughout the United States. The combination of our technology and our pledge to the Patient Safety Movement demonstrates our strive to help providers achieve the coveted Triple Aim: better health, better care, at a lower cost.

The movement is not just about information, it is about action. Please join us in this movement and make a commitment to zero preventable deaths by 2020.

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