Monarch Featured in DiabetesMine Blog, “Convincing Hospitals That Glucose Management Matters”

In a new DiabetesMine blog post, “Convincing Hospitals That Glucose Management Matters,” author Dan Fleshler questions why some hospitals are still using “old-fashioned, time-consuming, error-prone approach to regulating blood glucose.” The blog, which features Monarch Medical Technologies, addresses one of the biggest challenges in the industry, convincing hospital administration and providers that glucose management needs to become a priority.

The blog, which begins, “Patients’ blood glucose (BG) levels in many American hospitals run dangerously high, but hospitals aren’t doing nearly enough to address the problem,” highlights the dangers of unsafe blood glucose management and lack of adoption of new technology and protocols to advance diabetes care. According to the article, between 70% and 80% of patients with diabetes experience hyperglycemia when hospitalized for critical illnesses or have cardiac surgery, and roughly 30% of all patients receiving care in hospitals experience high blood sugars (>180 mg/dL). Yet, only about 10% of American hospitals are using electronic glycemic management solutions to determine patient’s insulin doses. As the author notes, “Hospital diabetes management has the potential for a seismic shift — if they choose to adopt these newer innovations.”

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