Numerous Scenarios, One Software

The expression, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too,” is all too familiar to most, particularly in healthcare. When referencing a glucose management tool, rumor has it that a software should be used regularly, or, for treating “difficult” scenarios, but not always both. This thought process needs to be stopped.

A software such as EndoTool Glucose Management System is not only personalized for a stable patient, but also specializes in the most “difficult” scenarios.

When a stable patient is treated with EndoTool, the software recommends insulin based on unique response to insulin and patient parameters such as: blood glucose level, diabetes mellitus type, age, sex, weight, sCr, eGFR, steroids, and any estimated residual extracellular insulin (EREI). In addition to this, more than 60 combined algorithms ensure that dosing is individualized and responsive to ongoing changes in each patient’s unique physiological response.

What about a more complicated scenario such as diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), when the body cannot produce enough insulin and begins to burn fat for energy while producing a buildup of acids in the bloodstream? Treatment takes place in the hospital and typically involves fluid replacement, electrolyte replacement, and insulin therapy. The software to treat DKA is the same software to dose a stable patient. The response to insulin therapy, unique parameters, and combined algorithms are still there, working hard to recommend your next dose.

In fact, even in the most difficult patient scenarios, such as DKA and HNS, EndoTool provides a safe and efficient solution for glucose management with 99.4% of all patients achieving control.

The next time someone says, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too,” introduce them to EndoTool, because you can. Every hospital can have the best of both worlds by using one glucose management tool for countless circumstances.