Clinical Decision Support Software. EndoTool uses Model, Predict, and Control technology for inpatient insulin therapy recommendations. This glucose management software provides a personalized insulin dose recommendation for intravenous and subcutaneous delivery by using more than 70 algorithms. As a patent pending FDA Class ll medical device, EndoTool models each patient’s individual response to insulin and predicts the next blood glucose reading.

For the Safest Care. EndoTool may be used in any inpatient hospital setting, including critical, intensive, med-surg, and pediatric care. It is estimated that 30 to 50% of all hospitalized patients meet the criteria for a diagnosis of diabetes, prediabetes, or hyperglycemia. EndoTool is the safest solution for every patient type and any clinical event requiring insulin. As the number one drug error in today’s healthcare, it is important to provide a safe and personalized care for hyperglycemia while preventing hypoglycemia.

Seamless Integration. EndoTool’s scalable platform supports seamless integration into an existing organization’s IT infrastructure. Compatible with all the major Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, the EndoTool EMR application simplifies the bedside workflow and reduces duplicative data entry. The EndoTool Analytics application provides key data to users within the software or is easily exported to third party reporting systems. EndoTool also supports internal monitoring systems, EMR or third party single sign-on technology, and care coordination with existing alarm management solutions.

Easy Implementation & Easy Maintenance. EndoTool is a HIPAA compliant platform easily deployed on a hospital’s private intranet requiring minimal maintenance. The software is not only easy to implement, it is easy to upgrade with minimal impact to clinical and IT workflow. EndoTool customers also recieve around the clock support from Monarch’s team of clinical and IT experts.

Nationally Recognized Performance. The quality and performance of EndoTool is demonstrated by the success of its users who have been recognized by: The Joint Commission Diabetes Center of Excellence, Truven Top 100 Hospitals, and the US News & World Best Hospitals Report.

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