Estimated Residual Extracellular Insulin (EREI): What Is It?

Estimated residual extracellular insulin, or EREI, refers to residual insulin present in a patient’s body.

Every patient receiving insulin therapy requires personalized treatment based on their individual makeup. In addition to this, each patient’s need for insulin is not only different, but, ever-changing based on activity level, meals consumed and stress.

The amount of residual insulin present in a person’s body is an important variable that must be taken into account in order to achieve correct insulin dosing, achieve glucose control and avoid hypoglycemia.

EndoTool IV has an EREI feature that allows for enhanced customization by constantly calculating the amount of residual insulin circulating in the blood stream and determining how much insulin is needed to ensure proper patient-specific dosing.

Based on a patient’s kidney function and response to insulin, the software adjusts a patient’s next dose to prevent subsequent hypoglycemia. If the patient has more insulin than can be supported by circulating glucose, EndoTool IV adjusts the dosing recommendation.