EndoTool SubQ: What You Should Know

Monarch Medical Technologies EndoTool SubQ provides clinical decision support for any situation where subcutaneous insulin is administered to all patient types, including pediatrics. This proprietary technology models, predicts and adjusts to each patient’s unique physiology and individual response to insulin.

  • EndoTool will always recommend the safest, most effective patient-specific dose, beginning with the correct total daily dose and following with the precise recommended basal/bolus dose. How? EndoTool SubQ takes all factors that impact insulin response into account, including: blood glucose level, height, weight, type of diabetes mellitus, age, sex, creatinine levels, steroids, carbohydrate intake and ordered insulin.
  • If a patient has low or consistently high readings, EndoTool will adjust accordingly, resulting in the reduction and elimination of correctional dosing.
  • The software focuses on the most efficient and effective clinical workflow and promotes mealtime dosing in order to reduce cycling. If needed, EndoTool SubQ can accommodate another workflow, such as having to wait for the verification of carb intake.
  • If at any time the nurse is concerned with the amount of insulin given due to a patient not eating as expected, the nurse may enter a new glucose. Based on the new glucose, EndoTool SubQ will recommend supplemental carbohydrates if needed.
  • In the case of a patient receiving a low reading after a meal because they didn’t eat or is vomiting, EndoTool SubQ is the only platform where the algorithm will rapidly remodel and suggest additional carb recommendations prior to any hypoglycemic (BG <70 mg/dL) events.

EndoTool SubQ is changing the way we dose insulin in order to achieve better outcomes for our patients. This software provides caretakers the confidence in treating hyperglycemia while preventing hypoglycemia for an overall safer standard of care.