EndoTool SubQ

Leading the Way in Subcutaneous Insulin Dosing.  EndoTool SubQ provides clinical decision support for any situation where subcutaneous (SubQ) insulin is administered. With a user-friendly interface, flexible configurations, and patient-specific dosing recommendations, the FDA-cleared software is optimized for the clinical environment and appropriate for all patient types, including pediatrics (patients as young as 2 years of age weighing at least 12 kg). When using the software, caregivers are confident in treating hyperglycemia, while preventing hypoglycemia.

 Individualized Dosing. EndoTool SubQ, a true precision medicine tool, uses proprietary technology that models, predicts, and adjusts to each patient’s unique physiology and individual response to insulin. EndoTool provides insulin dose recommendations based on unique patient variables including: blood glucose level, height, weight, type of diabetes mellitus (DM), age, sex, creatinine levels, steroids, A1C1 value, carbohydrate intake, and ordered insulin.

 Flexible and Customizable. With recommended parameters that can be modified, EndoTool SubQ is highly configurable to align with the hospital’s current best practices. Medical Director users have access to configure these parameters down to the unit-level based on their internal polices and specific care types. Alerts and clinical advisories can also be configured to increase nursing compliance and enhance standardized care.

Bolus Dosing. EndoTool SubQ dose recommendations are specific to each patient’s dietary intake, each meal event, and their blood glucose response. The Medical Director may determine the method used to count carbohydrates for patients eating meals, including % of meal eaten. Alternatively, for patients receiving tube feeding, total parenteral nutrition, and/or IV dextrose, the software calculates and tracks the carbohydrate intake. The software also calculates the Total Daily Dose (TDD) for each patient.

Seamless Transition. Transitioning from intravenous to subcutaneous insulin therapy is seamless with the EndoTool Glucose Management System.  EndoTool SubQ works closely with EndoTool IV to transition the patient without the need for time-intensive outside intervention or any interruption in care.

 Comprehensive EMR Integration.  EndoTool’s scalable platform can be fully integrated to live within an existing organization’s IT infrastructure. Compatible with all major Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, the EndoTool EMR application simplifies the bedside workflow and reduces duplicative data entry, allowing clinicians to spend more time delivering quality patient care

 Data to Drive Performance.  With the ability to identify and analyze trends across the organization, the EndoTool Analytics application enables administrators and clinicians to track performance and enhance productivity. EndoTool Analytics includes data reports to examine system, facility or unit performance, as well as patient-and clinician-specific results. It also includes Self-Service Analytics, which allows users to access a pre-built data warehouse for advanced data mining. This ensures that you are able to deliver the safest insulin dosing for your patients and benchmark and track progress.

Easy Implementation & Easy Maintenance. EndoTool is a HIPAA-compliant platform easily deployed on a hospital’s private intranet requiring minimal maintenance. The software is not only easy to implement, it is easy to upgrade with minimal impact to clinical and IT workflow. EndoTool customers also receive around-the-clock support from Monarch’s team of clinical and IT experts.

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