Optimize Workflow and Minimize Errors with EMR Integration and HL7 Interfacing

While new technology is meant to help clinicians, having to access multiple systems and perform duplicate documentation can be a barrier to successful adoption. With EndoTool, this isn’t the case.

Medical Software for Blood Glucose Control

Interoperability Enhances the User Experience

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EMR integration and HL7 interfacing enables EndoTool to work seamlessly within your existing network, helping optimize workflow, enhance productivity and enable more time to be spent on patient care.

With EMR integration, clinicians can launch EndoTool via a single click from within a patient's chart in the electronic medical record and have patient details and values automatically populate to EndoTool. The result is:

  • streamlined workflow
  • minimized human error
  • authoritative patient matching
  • automated documentation
EMR Integration

EndoTool EMR Integration

EndoTool is capable of integration with all leading electronic medical record (EMR) systems. A user is able to simply select a patient from within the EMR and, with a single click of a specially-configured hyperlink or button, the EndoTool Patient Details page will launch. This then allows the user to enter blood glucose information to EndoTool and receive an insulin dosing recommendation for the patient.


EndoTool HL7 Interfacing

EndoTool can interface with a variety of hospital information systems using Health Level Seven (HL7) protocols.

  • MAR Interface. EndoTool can receive data related to insulin, carbohydrate and dextrose treatments via RAS messages from the Medication Administration Record.
  • ADT Interface. EndoTool can receive basic patient demographic and location data via ADT messages. Additionally, the system can receive labs and other clinical values via OBX segments within ADT messages.
  • Provider Orders Interface. EndoTool can receive provider orders (e.g., insulin) data via ORM messages.
  • POC Device Interface. EndoTool can receive blood glucose values collected through point-of-care devices, most typically via ORU messages or OBX segments within ADT messages.
  • Labs Interface. EndoTool can receive lab values, such as serum creatinine, potassium and HbA1c, most typically via ORU messages or OBX segments within ADT messages.
  • Clinical Charting Interface. EndoTool can send post-treatment data related to confirmed blood glucose entries, insulin dose recommendations, notes/comments, etc. via ORU messages to the flowsheet or elsewhere in the patient’s chart.

Our Team is By Your Side Every Step of The Way

Our client hospitals are backed by 24/7/365 support from Monarch’s team of IT experts to ensure EMR integrations and HL7 interfaces are properly deployed and maintained.

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