Advanced Analytics to Manage Glycemic Performance

To improve the safety and effectiveness of your glycemic management program, you need to know how your organization is performing. The problem is, the requisite data can often be siloed, hard to access and time consuming to analyze.

With EndoTool Analytics, you gain a clear picture of how your organization is performing at the health system, hospital and unit level across a wide variety of key metrics.

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EndoTool Analytics
EndoTool Analytics for Diabetes Care Management

Get a Holistic View of Key Metrics and Performance Indicators

EndoTool Analytics supports both EndoTool IV and EndoTool SubQ with access to pre-configured reports and audit logs via any web browser. With EndoTool Analytics, you have the ability to track data associated with glycemic quality, safety and clinical effectiveness, and easily identify and analyze trends.

Analyze Results and Trends

You are able to identify and analyze results and trends across your entire enterprise -- at the health system, hospital and unit level -- as well as by individual patient and individual clinician. Data may be further filtered by other unique variables.

View and Download Data

In addition to running a variety of pre-configured reports, you are able to view a dashboard with real-time data of patients on EndoTool. Data may be exported to a PDF or downloaded to a CSV/Excel for further manipulation and sharing.

Control User Access

With EndoTool Analytics, administrators are able to apply role-based permissions to control user access to sensitive data. An authorized user is authenticated through Active Directory and shown only the reports and data applicable to their role.

Built to Support Advanced Data Mining with Self-Service Analytics

EndoTool Self-Service Analytics, an adjunct to EndoTool Analytics, allows users to further mine and extrapolate patient data and identify larger trends in clinical outcomes and processes via access to a pre-built data warehouse.

With EndoTool Self-Service Analytics, organizations can use business intelligence applications to extract and combine EndoTool data with other data for more in-depth perspectives.

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