Real-Time Analytics to Improve Your Diabetes Care Management

In order to improve the safety and effectiveness of your glycemic management program, you must know how your organization is performing. The problem is that data can often be siloed, hard to track down, and time-consuming to analyze.

Nurse Impact on Diabetes Care

EndoTool Analytics for Diabetes Care Management

Get a Holistic View of Performance, Benchmark, Track Progress, and Improve Diabetes Care in the Hospital.

EndoTool Analytics is a tool for EndoTool IV and EndoTool SubQ that provides access to pre-configured data reports and audit logs via any web browser. With EndoTool Analytics, you have the ability to identify and analyze trends, track safety and clinical effectiveness, and enhance productivity.

Analyze Trends Across the Organization

Administrators and clinicians can identify and analyze trends across the organization with the ability to examine and quantify system, facility or unit reports, as well as patient-and clinician-specific results.

Easily Review and Share Key Metrics

EndoTool Analytics provides a dashboard with real-time data of patients on EndoTool, as well as 14 predefined reports and audit logs. Data can also be exported to a PDF or excel file to easily share with others in your organization.

Control User Access

With EndoTool Analytics, administrators can assign users to three access groups to control what data is shared. Authorized users are authenticated through the active directory and only shown the appropriate reports based on their access group.

Built to Support Advanced Data Mining with Self-Service Analytics

EndoTool Self-Service Analytics, a feature of EndoTool Analytics, allows users to further mine patient data and identify larger trends in clinical outcomes and processes with access to a pre-built data warehouse.

Using Self-Service Analytics, organizations are able to generate standard reports using business intelligence tools and can also extract and incorporate EndoTool data into existing reports for a comprehensive view of patient outcomes.

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