Precision Clinical Decision Support for Basal-Bolus Subcutaneous Insulin

Hospitals have long relied on sliding scale protocols to manage glycemic control in hospitalized patients who do not require intensive care, but expert recommendations and guidelines urge that hospitals adopt a safer, more effective approach: physiologic subcutaneous insulin protocols.

By making the shift away from sliding scale paper protocols to the recommended basal-bolus subcutaneous insulin therapy, providers have demonstrated:

  • Significantly fewer hyperglycemic and hypoglycemic episodes
  • Increased time in target glucose levels
  • Reduced length of stay4

Monarch Medical Technologies’ EndoTool SubQ

EndoTool SubQ is an Advanced eGlycemic Management Solution

Supporting Industry Guidelines and Standards

EndoTool SubQ offers a streamlined solution to aid providers with physiologic insulin therapy, using basal, bolus, and correction insulin for improved patient outcomes.

A Personalized Insulin Therapy Regime to Manage Blood Glucose with Less Variability

Using a non-linear dosing model and machine-learning approach, EndoTool SubQ is a true precision medicine tool that provides clinical decision support for any situation where subcutaneous insulin is administered.

Individualized Patient Dosing

EndoTool SubQ uses proprietary technology that models, predicts, and adapts to each patient’s unique physiology and individual response to insulin. EndoTool provides insulin dose recommendations for any patient type, including pediatrics (patients as young as 2 years of age weighing at least 12 kg) based on 13 unique patient variables including creatinine levels and steroids.

Straightforward Start for Every Patient Situation

Initiating subcutaneous insulin therapy is straightforward and seamless with EndoTool SubQ. EndoTool SubQ can determine the appropriate model from a IV protocol, different SubQ protocol, or can calculate based on the patient information, protocol and expected carbohydrate intake.

Bolus Dosing

EndoTool SubQ dose recommendations are specific to each patient’s carbohydrate intake and their blood glucose response. The Medical Director may determine the method used to count carbohydrates for patients eating meals, including number of grams, percentage of meal, or carbohydrate servings. Alternatively, for patients receiving tube feeding, total parenteral nutrition, and/or IV dextrose, the software calculates and tracks the carbohydrate intake.

Limited Dosing Modes

For patients who have been assessed and require limited dosing to meet their needs, limited dosing modes, either correction only or bolus and correction only, are available if enabled by the Medical Director.

The Tools and Support Needed to Make the Transition

The transition to basal-bolus subcutaneous insulin therapy can be challenging because it requires organizations overcome changes to workflow, educational deficits and clinical inertia. Monarch provides tools and support to help make the transition.

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A Team Beside You Every Step of the Way

From the very beginning, the Monarch Professional Services Team helps you identify workflow challenges, provides education, and supports your adoption of EndoTool SubQ. Following implementation, your team continues to be supported 24/7/365 by EndoTool IT and Clinical Experts

Configured with your Hospital’s Standards and Practices

EndoTool SubQ is customizable with recommended parameters that can be modified down to the unit level to support the organization’s preferred practices. The system is capable of full integration with your Electronic Medical Record

Data to Drive Adherence

With the ability to identify and analyze trends across the organization, the EndoTool Analytics application enables administrators and clinicians to track performance and enhance productivity.

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