Streamlining the Transition from IV to SubQ Insulin

Intravenous (IV) insulin infusion is a standard protocol for treating critically ill hospitalized patients with hyperglycemia. However, once glucose levels stabilize, patients may be transitioned to subcutaneous (SubQ) insulin injections.

The transition from IV to SubQ dosing involves many variables and can be difficult to achieve without a few bumps along the way. While some hospitals follow standard transition protocols, these protocols are not patient-specific and can often push the patient into a hyperglycemic – hypoglycemic swing.

Today, EndoTool provides an easier way. Through a simple guided process, it supports automated protocols for monitoring and dosing during the transition from IV to SubQ dosing.

Initially, EndoTool notifies clinicians with a “Stable Advisory” message when a patient has maintained consistent glucose levels for the requisite time period and is ready for transition. EndoTool is configurable to set an overlap of IV and SubQ dosing, which is typically between one and four hours. With this pre-programmed, the clinician will then be prompted to stop the IV drip when appropriate.

Afterwards, EndoTool SubQ takes over completely, ensuring safe, personalized and predictive SubQ dosing.

The transition is easy when it’s personal!