Celebrating National Nurses Week at Monarch Medical Technologies

As National Nurses Week ends, we at Monarch Medical Technologies take a moment to reflect on the impact our nurses have on our community and the healthcare field.

This year’s theme, “Nurses Make the Difference,” resonates deeply with our mission and is embodied by each member of our nursing staff.

A Week of Stories and Inspiration

Throughout the week, each of our nurses shared their stories in a video series, explaining what drove them to become nurses and how they continue to make a difference at Monarch and beyond.

Their stories are not just tales of career choice but are testaments to their dedication, resilience, and compassion.

At Monarch Medical Technologies, we are proud to support our nurses as they continue to provide exceptional care and innovate within the healthcare industry.

Thank you, nurses, for your service, your passion, and your dedication.


Meet Our Monarch Nurses

Paula Bowman, RN, Senior Vice President, Hospital Solutions
With 29 years of nursing experience, Paula’s journey began in her youth, inspired by her ability to remain calm during emergencies. A pivotal moment in college led her to realize that her true calling was nursing, steering her away from medicine to where she could make the most impact.

Casey Dicken, BSN, RN, Clinical Services Specialist
Casey has been with us for just a month but brings passion fueled by her upbringing in a family impacted by 9/11. Her desire to assist people in crisis through her problem-solving skills makes her a perfect fit for our dynamic team.

Christine Kramer, BS, RN, CDCES, Customer Success Manager
Christine’s journey into nursing was inspired by personal loss and a pivotal health crisis within her family. With 18 years of experience, her transition from business and marketing into nursing highlights a profound commitment to patient care.

Amanda Heger, MSN, RN, AMB-BC, Clinical Services Specialist
Amanda’s path to nursing was paved by her childhood experiences in hospitals dealing with a rare condition. The compassionate care she received inspired her to provide the same comfort and safety to others.

Laura Santana, RN, BSN, Senior Clinical Product Manager
Laura’s nearly four decades in nursing started with a shift from biochemistry to healthcare, driven by a passion for patient care. Her work was crucial in the development of the first market version of EndoTool, showcasing her innovative spirit.

Christine Fraley, BSN, RN, CCRN-K, Customer Success Manager, Team Leader
Christine combines her love for science and math with a zest for helping others, bringing over 14 years of experience to her leadership role, driving positive outcomes and excellence.

Spring Moore, BSN, RN, CCRN, SCRN, Customer Success Manager
Spring’s 14-year nursing career is marked by a commitment to excellent patient care and empowering individuals on their healthcare journey, making her an invaluable asset to our team.

Scott Sturges, RN, MNHP, Clinical Services Specialist
Scott’s nursing career, spanning 16 years, is underpinned by a belief in caring for others. His empathy and dedication to patient care enrich our community every day.

Fernanda Anguiano de Izaguirre, LPN, Clinical Support Specialist
Fernanda’s path from communication to nursing was driven by her exceptional bedside manner and desire to provide comfort and support, embodying the heart of nursing.

Alana Weber, MSN, RN, CCRN, Clinical Services Specialist, Team Leader
Alana’s 18-year journey in nursing was inspired by her childhood experiences with healthcare professionals. Her dedication to providing high-quality care continues to inspire and lead our team forward.