The Hypoglycemia “Cheat Sheet”

In our previous blog, we looked at the quick facts behind hyperglycemia and the personalized glucose management software to safely treat hyperglycemia while preventing hypoglycemia. While hyperglycemia often has the spotlight when it comes to blood glucose levels, hypoglycemia is just as alarming.

Hypoglycemia is a condition characterized by abnormally low blood glucose levels, usually less than 70 mg/dL. If blood glucose levels drop to less than 40 mg/dL, it can become life-threatening. The potential to over-correct and decrease blood sugar levels too low is a fear every team has as they try to get a patient’s glycemic levels under control.

These eye-opening statistics reflect the significance of hypoglycemia:

  • The condition is associated with an increased risk of mortality in various patient populations.1,2
  • Each day with hypoglycemia is associated with an 85.3% increase in the odds of inpatient death (p=0.009) and 65.8% (p=0.0003) increase in the odds of death within one year from discharge.2
  • The odds of inpatient death rose threefold for every 10 mg/dl decrease in the lowest blood glucose during hospitalization (p=0.0058).2
  • Serious adverse events occur in 4% of patients with hypoglycemic events.3

As with hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia is considered a manifestation of poor glycemic control and a hospital-acquired condition for which the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will not pay.4 Because of this, it is essential for both the patient and the hospital to keep hypoglycemia on their radar.

Maintaining safe glycemic control should be done by using a personalized glucose management software to treat hyperglycemia while preventing hypoglycemia. If your hospital is interested in nearly eliminating hypoglycemic events, contact our team to receive a live demo today.


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