EndoTool IV

Leading the Way in IV Insulin Dosing. EndoTool IV is an easy to use software providing clinical decision support in any situation where intravenous insulin is administered. With a user-friendly interface, the software is optimized for the clinical environment. Ideal for high acuity care settings in the hospital, EndoTool is appropriate for all patient types including pediatrics (patients as young as 2 years of age weighing at least 12 kg). When using the software, caregivers are confident in treating hyperglycemia safely while preventing hypoglycemia.

Individualized Dosing. Rather than using a fixed multiplier or linear protocol, EndoTool uses proprietary technology that models, predicts, and adjusts to each patient’s unique physiology and individual response to insulin. EndoTool provides insulin dose recommendations based on 8 unique patient variables including: blood glucose level, weight, type of diabetes mellitus (DM), age, sex, sCr, steroid presence, and any estimated residual extracellular insulin (EREI) from previously administered insulin.

Estimated Residual Extracellular Insulin. Similar in concept to the subcutaneous “insulin on board,” Estimated Residual Extracellular Insulin (EREI) refers to residual insulin present in a patient’s body from previous doses. In this scenario, EndoTool IV contains an algorithm that triggers the software to down regulate an insulin dose. Adjusting for residual insulin circulating in the blood stream allows for enhanced treatment and determines a safe amount of insulin required for proper patient-specific dosing.

Custom modes of therapy. Designed to treat all patient types with hyperglycemia, EndoTool IV provides personalized dosing recommendations based on the patient’s diagnosis, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, or non-diabetes with stress induced hyperglycemia, and provides optional EndoX modes of therapy to support providers with the appropriate insulin regimen for diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic syndrome (HHS).

Meal Time Dosing. This software does not require tedious and time consuming carbohydrate counting and more importantly, does not assume that carbohydrates have been consumed by a patient. Instead, EndoTool uses a patient’s actual response to carbohydrate or dextrose intake and the current blood glucose level to recommend next steps in treatment. A meal timer feature simplifies meal time dosing by reminding the caregiver to simply take a blood glucose reading after the specified meal time so that the software may continue to accurately model the patient’s treatment. EndoTool IV may also recommend supplemental carbohydrates for both the prevention and the treatment of hypoglycemia with oral carbohydrates or IV dextrose.

Transition to SubQ. Transitioning a patient off of IV insulin therapy is safe and easy. EndoTool can provide patient specific transition orders from IV insulin to EndoTool SubQ for subcutaneous insulin therapy, or to any other organizationally defined protocols. Transition is seamless and reliable, ensuring the care coordination for a patient on insulin is as easy as the click of a button.

Seamless Integration. EndoTool’s scalable platform supports seamless integration into an existing organization’s IT infrastructure. Compatible with all the major Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, the EndoTool EMR application simplifies the bedside workflow and reduces duplicative data entry. The EndoTool Analytics application provides key data to users within the software or is easily exported to third party reporting systems. EndoTool also supports internal monitoring systems, EMR or third party single sign-on technology, and care coordination with existing alarm management solutions.

Flexible and Customizable. Target goal ranges and specific parameters are customized based on an organization’s standard of practice. Medical Director users have access to configure and customize these parameters based on internal polices and specific care types. Different goal ranges may be set for different settings and custom modes of therapy for different patient types. Alerts and clinical advisories provide best practice support to increase nursing compliance and enhance standardized care.

Easy Implementation & Easy Maintenance. EndoTool is a HIPAA compliant platform easily deployed on a hospital’s private intranet requiring minimal maintenance. The software is not only easy to implement, it is easy to upgrade with minimal impact to clinical and IT workflow. EndoTool customers also recieve around the clock support from Monarch’s team of clinical and IT experts.

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