A New Era in Critical Care: Evolution of Glycemic Control Guidelines

Charles Cornish | Chief Executive Officer

CEO Quarterly Update | March 2024

I had the privilege of attending the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) conference in Arizona earlier this year, a gathering that always promises insightful discussions and ground breaking updates in the field of critical care.

This year, however, one session captured my attention and marked a significant milestone in our journey towards better patient care: the unveiling of the updated SCCM and American College of Critical Care Medicine (ACCM) guidelines, with a particular focus on glycemic control in critical care units.

The evolution from the 2012 Insulin Infusion Guidelines to the present revisions is nothing short of a leap forward—a leap into a new era of patient care. For years, the importance of glycemic control in insulin patient management has been recognized. But it’s the ongoing research and clinical outcomes that have illuminated the need for change, a change that is now upon us with the revisions introduced in January 2024.

Before these updates, glycemic management committees and clinicians in hospitals often found it challenging to advocate for the use of exclusive clinical decision support tools. The latest guidelines from the SCCM and ACCM have bridged this gap, offering clinicians independent, broad-spectrum, clinically-directed support. Tools like Monarch Medical Technologies’ EndoTool are now more crucial than ever, ensuring not only better patient outcomes but also helping hospitals meet the recent CMS requirements to report on glycemic events—a silver lining that translates to significantly better ratings for these institutions.

As we embrace these changes, our mission at Monarch Medical Technologies remains steadfast: to support hospitals in efficiently adopting these transformative practices. The revised guidelines represent more than just a procedural update; they are a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence in patient care.

Dr Paul Chidester, our Chief Medical Officer, and his team has developed “The Critical Care Clinician’s Handbook to the 2024 SCCM Guidelines for Glycemic Control” that dives into the updated guidelines, offering an extensive overview for healthcare professionals. I encourage you to download and review it.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who shared their insights and contributions at the SCCM conference. It’s in forums like these that we find the momentum to propel healthcare into new realms of possibility.

In a world often overwhelmed by complexities, it’s reassuring to know that positive decisions and outcomes are still very much a part of our healthcare landscape.

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Charles Cornish | CEO, Monarch Medical Technologies

Charles is a healthcare leader with a strong background in the medical technology sector spanning more than two decades. Charles leverages his vast C-suite expertise to consistently champion the clinical use and integration of cutting-edge technologies to enhance workflows and patient outcomes – primarily with a focus on precision medicine in the acute hospital space. His international experiences spanning Australia, the UK, Brazil and now the USA, offer a unique global perspective on healthcare.