NHIT Week Schedule | EndoTool Glucose Management System

The team at Monarch Medical Technologies shows their commitment to National Health IT Week

Have you heard? This week is National Health IT Week.

What is it? September 26-30 is dedicated to raising awareness and recognizing the value of health IT in innovation, expanding access to care, expansion of economic opportunities and job creation, and making communities healthy.

The team at Monarch Medical Technologies is using every day this week to describe the five ways we are committed to NHIT week.

  1. Managing Glucose Monday: EndoTool glucose management software provides a personalized insulin dose recommendation by using more than 60 algorithms. The software models each patient’s individual response to insulin and predicts the next blood glucose reading, making the software the safest option on the market.
  2. Timely Control Tuesday: EndoTool applications specialize in some of the most difficult patient scenarios (DKA, HNS, etc.) and provides a safe and efficient solution for glucose management with 99.4% of all patients achieving control.
  3. Workflow Wednesday: The integration of EndoTool is seamless into the organization’s existing IT infrastructure. The EndoTool EMR application is compatible with all the major Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems and reduces duplicative data entry.
  4. Transitioning Safely Thursday: Transitioning a patient from intravenous insulin to subcutaneous insulin therapy is safe and easy when you are using the software to provide patient specific orders. The transition is smooth and reliable with the click of a button.
  5. FDA Approved Friday: Monarch’s EndoTool Glucose Management System received three FDA approvals (EndoTool, EndoTool IV, and EndoTool SubQ) as Class ll medical devices.

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