Driving Innovation in Glycemic Management: Introducing Clinical Advisory Board

Monarch Medical Technologies, maker of EndoTool® Glucose Management System, is pleased to announce the establishment of its Clinical Advisory Board. Comprising experts and thought leaders from diverse medical disciplines, this board will play a pivotal role in guiding our mission to revolutionize glycemic management.

The formation of the Clinical Advisory Board is a testament to Monarch Medical Technologies’ commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation. By assembling a team of prominent professionals, we aim to ensure that our solutions consistently meet the highest standards of efficacy, safety, and patient-centricity.

“We are honored to welcome such a distinguished group of individuals to our Clinical Advisory Board,” said Charles Cornish, CEO of Monarch Medical Technologies. “Their collective expertise and insights will help guide our commitment and investment to our clinician-centric solutions. As always, that focus is on improving glycemic management workflows and improved clinical outcomes for health systems across the country.”

The inaugural members of the Clinical Advisory Board are recognized as leading physicians in their respective fields, bringing decades of experience and a shared passion for improving the care of diabetic patients. Their backgrounds span specialties such as endocrinology, internal medicine, pulmonology, and critical care.

  • Joseph A. Aloi, MD is section chief of Endocrinology and Metabolism at Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Dr Aloi will be the moderator of the Clinical Advisory Board.  He is also current Chair of the American Diabetes Technology Interest Group.
  • Dorothy Kodzwa, MD is an endocrinologist at CaroMont Regional Medical Center in Gastonia, North Carolina.
  • James S. Lee, MD is the lead physician in the Progressive Care Unit and a Hospitalist at Northside Hospital Gwinnet in Lawrenceville, Georgia.
  • Anthony Pick, MD, CDE is Assistant Professor of Endocrinology at Northwestern University and practices at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital where he chairs the glucose control and health system diabetes quality committees.
  • Andrew J. Behnke, MD is section chief of Endocrinology at Carilion Clinic and Associate Professor of Medicine at Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine.
  • T. Glen Bouder, MD is the Director of Valley Intensivists and Valley Health Pulmonary Specialists at Valley Health and Medical Director of Critical Care at Winchester Medical Center in Winchester, Virginia.
  • Gregory Deines, DO is the division chief of Diabetes and Endocrinology at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Key responsibilities of the Clinical Advisory Board include:

  • Providing strategic guidance: The board will collaborate closely with Monarch Medical Technologies leadership team to offer strategic insights and direction, aligning our research and development efforts with current and future glycemic management requirements.
  • Ensuring scientific rigor: Rigorous evaluation of our solutions will be facilitated by the board, ensuring that they adhere to the highest scientific and ethical standards.
  • Enhancing patient outcomes: By leveraging the board’s expertise, we will tailor our solutions to optimize patient outcomes, focusing on continued workflow improvements, efficacy, and safety.
  • Advancing research and innovation: The Clinical Advisory Board will play an instrumental role in shaping our research and quality improvement priorities, driving innovation in the use of technology to improve patient outcomes

“I am excited to be part of Monarch Medical Technologies Clinical Advisory Board and look forward to working hand in hand with the company’s talented team,” commented Dr Joseph Aloi, MD, Chair of the board. “Together, we can make a profound impact on the care of hospitalized patients with diabetes.”

With the formation of the Clinical Advisory Board, Monarch Medical Technologies solidifies its commitment to staying at the cutting edge of advancements and delivering solutions that optimize clinical workflows for precision insulin dosing in hospitals throughout the country. We are confident that this esteemed group of experts will help us shape the future of glycemic management.

About Monarch Medical Technologies

Monarch Medical Technologies is a digital health company committed to helping hospitals and health systems deliver optimal glycemic management for critical care and non-critical care patients. The company’s FDA-cleared EndoTool® Glucose Management System is designed specifically to displace traditional manual methods of insulin dosing with an intuitive and easy-to-use software application that integrates seamlessly with all major EMR systems. This pioneering clinical decision support platform offers both intravenous and subcutaneous modalities and has been shown to safely and reliably achieve and maintain target glucose goals while reducing incidence of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. Specialized features help clinicians address the complexities surrounding diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic syndrome (HHS), gestational diabetes, kidney function, residual insulin, and presence of steroids. Additional information about Monarch can be found at