For decades, hospitals have relied on paper protocols or sliding scale insulin to determine the insulin regimen for patients while receiving acute care. While these methods may still be available, it doesn’t mean its use is aligned with best practice anymore. Hyperglycemia remains pervasive and hypoglycemia episodes occur far too often, negatively affecting outcomes of hospitalized patients.

During this webinar, Dr. Carlos Mendez discusses the evidence and best practices for achieving inpatient glycemic control, including the use of eGlycemic Management Systems (eGMS). Lisa Clement-Bryant of CaroMont Health then shares first-hand experience in implementing the EndoTool Glucose Management System and the outcomes they have achieved.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the benefits and evidence for glycemic control in the inpatient setting
  • Determine what it would take for your organization to improve inpatient glycemic management
  • Discern how eGlycemic management systems (eGMS) work
  • Recognize how eGMS uniquely drive engagement and improve outcomes


Carlos Mendez, MD, FACP
Associate Professor of Medicine;
Director Diabetes Program
Division of General Internal Medicine
Medical College of Wisconsin

Division of Diabetes and Endocrinology
Zablocki Veteran Affairs Medical Center

Lisa Clement-Bryant, MSN, RN, CDE, CPT

Director of Employer Clinical Services
CaroMont Health

Laurel Fuqua, RN, MSN

Executive VP & Chief Clinical Officer
Monarch Medical Technologies