Inpatient hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, and glucose variability are associated with increased mortality. The use of an electronic glucose management system (eGMS) to guide intravenous (IV) insulin infusion has been found to significantly improve blood glucose (BG) control.


This retrospective observational study evaluated the 7-year (January 2009-December 2015) impact of the EndoTool® eGMS in intensive and intermediate units at Vidant Medical Center, a 900-bed tertiary teaching hospital.


The use of eGMS resulted in rapid, effective control of inpatient BG levels, including significantly reduced hypoglycemia rates.

Using Technology to Improve Quality Measures

Publication Information

Authors: Robert J. Tanenberg, MD, FACP; Sandra Hardee, PharmD, CDE; Caitlin Rothermel, MA, MPH; Almond J. Drake 3rd, MD, FACE

Location: Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, NC

Source: Endocrine Practice. 2017; 23:3, 331-341

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