EndoTool is an innovative glucose management software system specifically designed to customize insulin dosing to each patient’s unique physiology and individual response, even those with frequently changing requirements. Using mathematical modeling, trends of glucose readings are analyzed to formulate a patient-specific physiologic insulin dosing curve. Adjustments are automatically made in the dosing curve to minimize and help prevent episodes of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. This is easily accomplished simply by the caregiver entering the patient’s current blood glucose value. EndoTool has been shown to subjectively reduce the work and stress associated with managing tight glycemic control (TGC), as well as decrease the incidence of hypoglycemia.


The importance of good glycemic control in hospitalized patients has been well documented in the literature. Some studies have shown a decrease in morbidity and mortality when glucose is effectively controlled during a patient’s hospitalization. Wilson Memorial Hospital switched from using paper correction protocols to Monarch Medical Technologies’ EndoTool Glucose Management System to achieve optimal glycemic control in its patients with high blood glucose levels while minimizing hypoglycemia. Even though the benefits of good glycemic control are well known among healthcare professionals, implementing such a strategy took careful planning and devotion from the multidisciplinary team. Overall, EndoTool allowed rapid and better glucose control, usually achieving target levels within five hours. When administering intravenous insulin, it is typical to fear hypoglycemia. However, Wilson Memorial Hospital witnessed an 80% decrease in hypoglycemia with the use of EndoTool.

Becoming A “Best Practice” Site

Decrease in Hypoglycemia

80% decrease in hypoglycemia with the use of EndoTool.

Decrease in LOS & Cost for DKA

Length of Stay (LOS) for DKA patients decreased 0.6 days and cost per DKA patient decreased $3,615.16.

Multidisciplinary Committee for Success

A Diabetes Advisory Committee formed an Inpatient Blood Glucose Committee consisting of medical, nursing and hospital administrators, nurses on the floor and critical care units, diabetic educators, lab personnel, pharmacists, physicians and information technology personnel.

Client Information

Author(s): Sondra Boecker, RN, CDE and Linda Barhorst, BSN, CDE

Location: Wilson Memorial Hospital, Sidney Ohio

Date: May 2013

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