Many paper protocols and eGMS dosing algorithms for IV insulin make recommendations to change from hourly (q1hour) blood glucose checks to every two-hour (q2hour) checks based on various measures of the subject’s blood glucose stability. However, it is suggested that the algorithms should be evaluated based on the incidence of hypoglycemia and variability. The purpose of this retrospective study was to determine the safety and efficacy of two-hour (q2hour) blood glucose checks when using EndoTool for intravenous (IV) insulin dose recommendations.


This analysis found that measures of hypoglycemia and control were superior for q2hour checks compared to q1hour checks, confirming that the EndoTool algorithm for recommendation of q2hour checks is appropriate.


Presented at the AACE Annual Meeting 2019

Authors: W. Patrick Burgess, Laura Santana, Chris Santry, Cathy L. Jaynes, Laurel Fuqua