Glucose Check Impact on Hypoglycemia


Hypoglycemia is frequently associated with blood glucose readings that are made after the scheduled next check, i.e. late readings. However, there are few reports describing the quantitative effect of untimely blood glucose readings. This work focused on the quantitative evaluation of blood glucose timing related to hypoglycemic events from a large electronic database of patients receiving insulin infusion therapy while admitted in an acute-care facility.


This analysis found that late blood glucose readings contribute significantly to the incidence of hypoglycemia. These observations should be an important mainstay of bedside care education. The findings also strongly endorse the use of alerts to maintain proper timing of blood glucose readings.

Presented at the American Diabetes Association’s 79th Scientific Sessions

Authors: W. Patrick Burgess, Laura J. Dunlap, Jessie Scapinello, Anderson Schrader, Alana D. Weber