Achieving glycemic control is a significant challenge for providers. Market adoption of Electronic Glycemic Management Systems (eCGMS), such as EndoTool, is increasing as providers using these systems realize better outcomes.

In this webinar, Linda Currie, a Clinical Nurse Specialist in the Cardiac Surgery ICU at the Virginia Commonwealth University Health System (VCU), will discuss how their implementation of EndoTool® has been used to significantly improve the safety and attainment of glycemic control goals in post-operative cardiac surgery patients. The webinar will reference a study, which was presented at American Diabetes Association’s 77th Scientific Sessions and includes data from 38 months and more than 2,000 patient visits, to describe how the VCU Cardiac ICU unit significantly decreased the time to achieve their glycemic control range, while reducing hypo and hyperglycemia events.


  • Describe glycemic control challenges in cardiac surgery patients
  • Discuss benefits of implementing an Electronic Glycemic Control System in a post-surgical environment
  • Understand best practices and change management strategies for optimizing EndoTool in the post-surgical setting


Linda Currie, RN, MSN, ACNS, CCRN-CSC
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Cardiac Surgery ICU
Virginia Commonwealth University Health System (VCU)