Monarch Medical Technologies Shifts Market with Safest Insulin Therapy Treatment

EndoTool dosing recommendations applauded by hospitals.

Monarch Medical Technologies, the safest provider of glucose management software, announces record growth and continues to shift the U.S. hospital market towards improved glucose management. In regards to insulin therapy treatment, studies show that hospital admission rates for hypoglycemia have begun to outpace hyperglycemia rates, demonstrating today’s largest needs for improving insulin therapy treatments.

Hypoglycemia is one of the most common adverse effects of lowering blood glucose levels with insulin therapy in patients with diabetes, and the increase in these rates may be attributed to the lack of proper control in hyperglycemia. Monarch continues to advance against today’s largest catalysts, driving the need to improve safety with insulin dosing with ground breaking advancements in customer outcomes to control hyperglycemia and prevent hypoglycemia.

“EndoTool has not only reduced the risk of hypoglycemia, but also improved our compliance with managing hyperglycemia,” says Maresa Glass, Critical Care Pharmacotherapy Specialist at Tampa General Hospital. “Our hospital uses more insulin infusions than ever before because we feel confident in the dosing recommendations EndoTool provides. A key component of success is Monarch’s clinical support team who does an outstanding job training and supporting our facility with EndoTool continually throughout our eight years with the software.”

EndoTool customer outcomes are testament to the gains in safety Monarch is helping achieve. Utilizing their input, along with market feedback, Monarch is advancing with product innovation and improving customer outcomes with our next generation EndoTool platform. While experiencing strong year‐over‐year growth in all aspects of the business, Monarch has achieved a 30 percent growth in total installed sites, an increase in go‐lives by seven times, a five‐fold increase in sales, a second FDA 510(k) clearance for EndoTool SubQ, and a 40 percent increase in new personnel.

“As healthcare continues to steadily adopt clinical decision support technology, specifically electronic glycemic management solutions, we’re seeing a number of variants attributing to the drive behind adoption. With stronger governance for glycemic control and a rising population of patients requiring insulin therapy, the complexity of insulin dosing requires a safer solution, such as EndoTool, versus the manual or electronic attempts to improve traditional methods,” said Stuart Long, Chief Executive Officer at Monarch. “Our growth and improved customer outcomes are direct measures of the shift in the market we are creating towards safer insulin dosing.”

About Monarch Medical Technologies

Monarch Medical Technologies is a privately held medical technology company founded by clinicians with a vision of improving hospital‐based glucose management. Providing the safest option on the market, Monarch is replacing traditional linear protocols with individualized and predictive computer‐based solutions. With its flagship product, the EndoTool Glucose Management System, the company pioneers the field of predictive therapeutic control technologies for managing drugs.