Monarch Medical Technologies Establishes Medical Advisory Board With Experts from Across Healthcare Continuum

Monarch Medical Technologies, the pioneer and leader in clinical decision support for drug dosing in hospitalized patients, today announced that it has developed a medical advisory board to counsel the company on strategic areas of interest. The board includes members from both the U.S. and abroad, and leverages both healthcare and analytics experts.

Monarch is the developer of the EndoTool® glucose management clinical decision support platform, a market-leading suite of advanced dosing algorithm software applications recognized for the ability to provide unsurpassed patient-specific glycemic control across a broad population of patients.

“EndoTool is a sophisticated technology that has tremendous potential and could be leveraged to help healthcare professionals manage therapeutic dosing for a range of drugs of concern,” said Stuart Long, chief executive officer of Monarch Medical Technologies. “We have assembled a strong team to be part of our Medical Advisory Board that we believe will be able to help us continue evolve the EndoTool and dosing algorithm suite of products to meet the needs of hospitals, healthcare professionals and patients now and in the future.”

The advisory board collaborating with Monarch includes:

About Monarch Medical Technologies

Monarch Medical Technologies is a privately held medical technology company founded by clinicians with a vision of dramatically improving hospital-based glucose management by replacing traditional “paper and pencil” linear protocols with individualized and predictive computer-based solutions. With the launch of its flagship product, the EndoTool Glucose Management System, the company pioneered the field of predictive therapeutic control technologies for managing drugs of concern. Formerly the EndoTool division of Hospira Worldwide, a leading Fortune 1000 healthcare company, the company was strategically acquired in October 2012 by private equity firm Eigen Capital Partners.