Monarch Medical Technologies Announces Self-Service Analytics, Expansion of EndoTool Analytics Offering

Self-Service Analytics expands on current EndoTool Analytics offering, allowing clients to utilize existing business intelligence tools for advanced data mining.

Monarch Medical Technologies, the leader in precision insulin dosing for optimized inpatient glucose management, today announced the launch of Self-Service Analytics, an extension of EndoTool Analytics. The new Self-Service Analytics module enables hospitals using EndoTool IV for patients on IV insulin and/or EndoTool SubQ for patients requiring insulin via injections to further mine patient data and identify larger trends in their clinical outcomes and processes using their existing analytics tools and infrastructure.

EndoTool Self-Service Analytics allows users to generate standard reports from a pre-built data warehouse using business intelligence tools, such as Tableau and MicroStrategy, or direct query. The EndoTool data warehouse will pre-aggregate data for key metrics allowing clients to build reports that provide a holistic view of patient and clinician performance using EndoTool across the organization.

“Hospitals are looking for ways to track the performance of glucose management systems and monitor compliance with insulin dosing protocols using their existing reporting tools, resources and infrastructure,” said Linda Beneze, President & CEO of Monarch Medical Technologies. “The Self-Service Analytics module was driven by EndoTool customers asking for ways to easily incorporate the EndoTool metrics with existing reports to allow clinicians and administrators to have a more comprehensive view of patient outcomes.”

EndoTool Analytics, including the Self-Service Analytics, is an additional tool available for all managing users of EndoTool. In addition to providing pre-aggregated data for key metrics, EndoTool Analytics provides options for accessing data reports to examine and quantify system, facility or unit reports, as well as patient-and clinician-specific results, enabling administrators and clinicians to measure performance and identify and analyze trends across the organization.

About Monarch Medical Technologies

Monarch Medical Technologies is the leading provider of electronic systems for inpatient glycemic management. Monarch’s EndoTool Glucose Management System offers personalized dosing recommendations for intravenous and subcutaneous insulin therapy. As a Class II FDA-cleared, patent pending software suite, EndoTool enables more than 220 hospitals to provide unsurpassed patient-specific glycemic control across a broad population of patients, and ultimately deliver better, safer care. For more information, please visit