EndoTool Subcutaneous Inpatient Insulin Dosing Solution Simplifies Provider Workflow While Improving Patient Safety

Monarch Medical Technologies, maker of the EndoTool Glucose Management System, received FDA clearance for its enhanced software for the treatment of inpatient hyperglycemia using subcutaneous insulin. “EndoTool SubQ will help hospitals graduate from sliding-scale protocols which is inherently unsafe, and bring patients to control easily, rapidly and safely. We believe there is a monumental unmet need that we are finally addressing with EndoTool SubQ’s advanced machine-learning algorithm,” states Christophe Mallard, CEO.

Subcutaneous insulin dosing in the hospital inpatient setting is complex. Our user-group research outlined the everyday challenges such as nutrition, scheduling, need for multiple dosing options, and a safety belief that patients remain unnecessarily “sweet” to prevent severe hypoglycemia. “This release was developed over two years, with a focus on customer needs, quality and usability. We are confident it will enable our customers to safely and elegantly address the challenges of subcutaneous insulin dosing in the hospital setting,” states Megan Schmidt, Vice President of Product.

What makes EndoTool Glucose Management System unique is it allows for precise, patient specific dosing pulling from the patient’s labs, including kidney function, HbA1c, diabetes diagnosis and presence of steroids. “The SubQ application learns every day how the patient’s condition changes during hospitalization,” says Paul Chidester, Chief Medical Officer. “As a result, clinicians can be confident that their patients are achieving the safest and most optimal glycemic control while hospitalized.”