Implementation of Glucose Management Software in Cardiac Surgery Patients to Improve Postoperative Blood Glucose Control and Compliance with SCIP Measures


This retrospective observational study compares SCIP-Inf-4 compliance among cardiac surgery patients before and after implementation of a glucose management software system (EndoTool).


1,018-bed academic medical center and Level 1 trauma center.

  • After implementation of EndoTool, percentage of patients in full SCIP-Inf-4 compliance increased from 86.1% to 89.9%, while percentage of patients in SCIP-Inf-4 compliance post-operative Day 1 increased from 88.9% to 96.1%.
  • Among patients in SCIP-Inf-4 compliance post-operative Day 1 but not post-operative Day 2, all (100%) had been discontinued from EndoTool after less than 30 hours of continuous intravenous insulin therapy.

Use of EndoTool for post-operative glucose management of cardiac surgery patients leads to improved SCIP-Inf-4 compliance (a program that aims to decrease incidence of surgical site infections); however, early discontinuation of patients from EndoTool prior to completing a full 48 hours of continuous intravenous insulin therapy has a negative effect on SCIP-Inf-4 compliance.


Amanda Zomp, PharmD; Earnest Alexander, PharmD, FCCM; Maresa Glass, PharmD, BCPS; Ren Chen, MD, MPH.


Presented at Society of Critical Care Medicine Critical Care Congress. Published in Critical Care Medicine, Volume 39, Issue 12, p206.