Evaluating the Implementation of the EndoTool Glycemic Control Software System


This retrospective randomized study compares glycemic control and related outcomes before and after implementation of a glucose management software system (EndoTool) in several intensive care and progressive care units as well as the emergency department, all of which previously used a standard paper protocol.


553-bed not-for-profit health care network.

  • Number of hours on an intravenous insulin drip decreased 12.5% with EndoTool, from 23.9 to 20.9 hours.
  • Incidence of hypoglycemia <70 mg/dL decreased 80.6% with EndoTool, from 0.036 to 0.007 episodes per patient.
  • Incidence of hyperglycemia >180 mg/dL decreased 20.9% with EndoTool, from 0.358 to 0.283 episodes per patient.
  • Mean average time to target decreased 24% with EndoTool, from 3.67 to 2.78 hours.
  • Mean average blood glucose decreased 6.75 mg/dL with EndoTool, from 193.24 to 186.49 mg/dL.

Implementation of a glucose management software system (EndoTool) promotes a culture of safety and can be expected to reduce costs, as evidenced by a wide array of improvements, including number of hours on an intravenous insulin drip as well as incidence of hypoglycemia, incidence of hyperglycemia, time to target and time in range.


Samuel John; Kacie Lauren Waters; Khatija Jivani.


Published in Diabetes Spectrum, Volume 31, Issue 1, p26-30.