Atrium Health Lowers Hospital Stay for DKA Patients, Yielding $12 Million in Savings


To compare the effectiveness of EndoTool IV in reducing hospital LOS and hypoglycemia rates compared to standard insulin infusion protocols.


Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Intensive Care Units

  • Significant Patient Population: The study analyzed data from 354 patients on the Endotool IV dashboard, with 53.3% treated using EndoTool IV and 46.6% receiving standard treatment.
  • Reduced Length of Stay: Patients treated with EndoTool IV had a shorter hospital stay (3.95 days) compared to those with standard insulin infusion (4.40 days), resulting in a cost difference of $12,000,000 between the two groups.
  • Enhanced Safety: EndoTool IV demonstrated lower number of hypoglycemia and severe hypoglycemia events, ensuring safer management of glucose levels compared to standard insulin infusion.
  • Reduced Length of Stay: Patients treated with EndoTool IV experience shorter hospital stays, allowing for quicker recovery and increased bed availability.
  • Enhanced Patient Safety: EndoTool IV minimizes hypoglycemia and severe hypoglycemia events through a gentler approach to achieving glycemic targets, ensuring safer insulin titration.
  • Significant Cost Savings: By reducing hospital length of stay and lowering hypoglycemia events, EndoTool IV delivers substantial cost savings for healthcare systems.

M. McKnight, C. Price, C. Usoh, G.Russell, R. Bundy, J. Aloi


American Association of Clinical Endocrinology (AACE) Annual Meeting