Gregory Deines, DO

Kevin Grimes

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One of the things we really like about the software is that we’re able to achieve blood glucose control in a much improved time frame for very medically complex patients. This includes patients with significant renal impairment, patients who have been exposed to high doses of steroids, and multiple other conditions. The software is able to take into account a … Read More

Maresa Glass, PharmD, BCCCP, FCCM

Kevin Grimes

EndoTool has not only reduced the risk of hypoglycemia, but also improved our compliance with managing hyperglycemia. Our hospital uses more insulin infusions than ever before because we feel confident in the dosing recommendations EndoTool provides. A key component of success is Monarch’s clinical support team who does an outstanding job training and supporting our facility continually throughout our many … Read More

Ron Fila, RPh

Kevin Grimes

We currently treat all of our critical care patients on IV insulin with EndoTool and have seen great results with managing the glucose levels of our DKA patients. Our main concern for DKA patients on an insulin drip is to make sure that blood sugar levels do not decreased too quickly. However, after reviewing the DKA patient data where EndoTool … Read More