Nurses-Week-2016 | EndoTool Glucose Management System

Today is Friday the 13th!

Even though Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day with a negative connotation in Western Superstition, the team at Monarch Medical Technologies would like to take this day to reflect on the past week in a positive light.

This past week, May 6th through May 12th, was National Nurses Week!

The week began with Nurses Appreciation Day, which occurred on Friday, May 6th. As a reflection of this past week, we would like to take a moment to raise awareness and thank all nurses for the commitments and contributions they make in today’s healthcare.

In addition to this, Monarch Medical Technologies would like to particularly thank the amazing nurses belonging to our team. Our organization wouldn’t have the growth and success we demonstrate today without the experienced and dedicated nurses on our team. We are very fortunate to have each nurse contributing to our great company culture and ensuring the satisfaction of EndoTool customers.

Thank you for all that you do!