Every year, the Charlotte Business Journal (CBJ) searches for the “Best Places to Work” in the Charlotte area. This award recognizes companies that have mastered company goals with what the employees care about most to create a well-rounded work environment.

How does CBJ measure the happiness of the employees? CBJ partners with Quantum Workplace to administer a survey to the employees of each company nominated. The survey includes a series of multiple choice, Likert scale, and open ended questions. Questions ranged from the company’s goals, team morale, and the individual employee’s overall contentment, to the company’s annual involvement with the Charlotte community.

Monarch Medical Technologies (Monarch) provides hospitals a computerized solution to manage one of the most dangerous drugs to treat patients with – insulin. Monarch’s employees live at the front edge of stress. A life or death product suite requires motivated brains and a lot of focused work around the clock. Customers come first and our employees’ shadow the pillars of TACIT (Trust, Accountability, Creativity, Innovation, and Transparency). The Charlotte-based office fosters a flexible trusted time work environment where our employees are not restricted to the status quo and are entitled to an unlimited vacation policy in exchange for a “Results Only Work Environment (ROWE)”.

Our CEO, Stuart Long, joined Monarch in the spring of 2014. With transformation and evolution, the overall consensus is that our team morale has catapulted since Stuart’s arrival. Our employees collaborated and thought, what better way to show our appreciation for Stuart than to (hopefully) surprise him with the “Best Places to Work” award.

Monarch received the well-deserved “2015 Best Places to Work” award on Wednesday, September 23. The best perk, to me, is the team morale. We ingrain how each individual is equally as important as another, regardless of title. We are all in this together. Our company sets goals, and achieves them. All the while, we work hard, we laugh, we have fun, and everyone is committed to accountability. Simply put: the employees have a refreshingly good gig here at Monarch, and now we have a plaque to validate.