Intravenous insulin therapy to manage glucose in hospitalized critical care patients is necessary to improve outcomes in wound infection and overall mortality. Insulin titration using paper protocols is frequently associated with hypoglycemia, highly associated with increased mortality (1,2). Prevention of hypoglycemia while maintaining target glucose values is a primary goal of an electronic glucose management system for insulin dosing recommendations (eGMS). Retrospective review of data should intermittently be performed to provide evidence of the success of meeting this goal. A review was performed in early 2017 to provide needed information about the performance of the EndoTool® IV eGMS product cleared by the FDA in 2014 with EREI (estimated residual extracellular insulin), a feature to mitigate future insulin activity and hypoglycemia. EREI is a patented feature in the IV EndoTool application that predicts and adjusts for residual intravenous insulin activity following a dose reduction.

Presented at the Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes Conference 2020

Authors: W Patrick Burgess PhD MD, Laurel Fuqua, RN MSN

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