Jose Salinas, PhD

Chief, Clinical Decision Support and Automation Research, Product Transition Manager, U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research

San Antonio, TX

Dr. Jose Salinas is Chief of Clinical Decision Support and the Automation Research Branch and acting Product Transition Manager at the US Army Institute of Surgical Research, Fort Sam Houston, TX.  In his research role, he is currently focusing on the development of new clinical decision support technologies and automation solutions to improve outcomes of military combat casualties across all echelons of care.  This includes the development of novel information technology and engineering products that provide users with new approaches to communicate and automate different diagnoses and treatments that are normally performed through manual means.

His other projects include research and development efforts that use information technology concepts for enhanced medical situational awareness in the deployed setting.  Dr. Salinas also manages multiple research efforts in advanced digital signal processing algorithms for enhanced diagnosis of combat casualties, including the use of advanced machine learning techniques for improved physiologic models and prediction of trauma injuries.

Joe Salinas, PhD