Laurel Fuqua, RN, MSN, executive VP and chief clinical officer at Monarch Medical Technologies, will advise diabetes care and education specialists on “Data Visualization Skills for Diabetes Population Health Management” as a speaker on opening day for the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (ADCES) virtual annual conference – ADCES20.  Thousands of nurses, physicians, dietitians and other health professionals specializing in diabetes care are slated to attend the virtual event August 13-16. Ms. Fuqua’s presentation focuses on a key issue of effective diabetes care management – data integration, analytics and communication.  The importance of healthcare data analytics is rapidly growing. Using data to measure and monitor both clinical and financial performance and being able to communicate it effectively to stakeholders is a critical skill for diabetes clinical quality improvement initiatives. The session will provide a basic understanding of the importance of data visualization and data storytelling and how to use it to improve outcomes.

Early in her career, Fuqua was recognized with the ADCES (formerly AADE) Educator of the Year. She has an extensive background in diabetes population health management, has implemented diabetes programs in hundreds of hospitals, 18 of which were the first 18 hospital-based diabetes centers recognized by the American Diabetes Association.  She has led diabetes quality improvement initiatives for health systems and health plans, functioned as chief innovative officer for several medical technology companies and consults with industry on diabetes, technology and innovation.  As a former hospital CEO, diabetes clinical specialist and current CCO for Monarch Medical Technologies, the maker of the predictive electronic glucose management system, EndoTool, she brings a unique perspective to the importance of data analytics & visualization for both clinical and financial outcomes management. For more information about the conference go to or to arrange a consult on how to use data to improve inpatient diabetes control including COVID patients with Ms. Fuqua, please email

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