Optimize Workflow and Minimize Errors with EMR Integration and HL7 Interfacing

Clinicians are tasked with many competing priorities. While the implementation of new technology is meant to help, different systems and duplicate documentation can serve as a barrier to delivering quality care. With EndoTool EMR, this isn’t the case.

Medical Software for Blood Glucose Control

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EndoTool Makes Integration Easy for an Enhanced User Experience

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EMR integration and HL7 interfacing enables EndoTool to work seamlessly within your system, helping organizations optimize workflow, enhance productivity, and enable for more time to be spent on direct patient care.

With EndoTool EMR, clinicians can launch EndoTool for their patient directly from the EMR and have the patient details and values automatically populated. The result is:

  • Streamlined workflow
  • Minimized human error
  • Authoritative patient matching
  • Automatic documentation

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EndoTool EMR Integration

EndoTool is capable of integration with all leading Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. The user can select a specific patient in the EMR, and when integrated, a link to the EndoTool Patient Details page will be launched. This link will allow the logged in user to enter blood glucose information into EndoTool and receive an insulin dosing recommendation for the appropriate patient.

EndoTool HL7 Interfacing

EndoTool can integrate with your Hospital Information System using Health Level-7 (HL7) interfaces. EndoTool accepts Admit Discharge Transfer (ADT), General Order Message (ORM), Pharmacy Administration/Treatment (RAS) and Observation Result (ORU) data, such as lab results from your systems, and then EndoTool sends outbound results to your systems.

To eliminate manual data entry and minimize human error, EndoTool accepts patient demographics, clinical values (height, weight, diabetes type), lab values (creatinine, hemoglobin A1c), and point-of-care readings (glucose, creatinine, hemoglobin A1c).

From Implementation to Ongoing Management, Monarch’s Technical Team is By Your Side

Our client hospitals are backed by around the clock support from Monarch’s team of IT experts to help to ensure integration is properly deployed and your workflow remains optimized.

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