Uniting EndoTool Users to Lead the Way in Inpatient Glucose Management

Once the EndoTool application is implemented within your hospital, engagement and education doesn’t stop. Monarch continues to support your organization providing educational opportunities that will help you maintain and achieve measurable success with your glycemic management initiatives, including our annual user group meeting.

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The EndoTool User Group Meeting

Each year, Monarch convenes EndoTool users from across the country in a dynamic and collaborative learning environment. This exclusive complimentary educational event provides clients access to the industry’s most up-to-date research, best practices and trends in inpatient glucose management and expert advice and solutions to optimize the EndoTool suite of solutions.

Join us at the Annual EndoTool User Group Meeting to:

  • Gain Valuable Industry Insights
  • Take part in sessions presented by Monarch leadership and industry peers who are leveraging EndoTool to improve the safety and care of their patients.
  • Connect and Collaborate with Industry Peers
    Meet and network with other industry peers who are setting the standard in quality at their organizations and utilizing electronic glucose management across practice areas.
  • Shape Future Product Development
  • Receive exclusive access to the Monarch product roadmap and share feedback to advance the products and ensure the system best serves the needs of your organization.

2020 EndoTool User Group Meeting Event Details

Date: TBD
Location: Charlotte, NC

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Hear What our Clients are Saying About the Annual Meeting

From the keynotes to the thought-provoking breakouts, the meeting has been highly rated by clients.  Hear what past EndoTool User Group Meeting attendees had to say about the meeting:

  • “I really appreciated the opportunity to attend the meeting and provide feedback in the breakout sessions. I was able to bring forward examples from our site and get feedback.”
  • “The meeting was very much an eye-opener for me. It was extremely helpful to learn about the background of EndoTool, what all is involved, and getting the opportunity to provide feedback to advance the product.”
  • “There’s a lot of information we can take back to our unit. It was a great experience networking with others to hear how they are utilizing EndoTool.”
  • “This was an awesome event and I’m looking forward to participating again the next time it’s offered!”
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